Remember that pattern you made last time? Get it out because we are going to use it to make this really cute Pencil Skirt. We’re going to modify the pattern just a little, so go grab your yard stick along with your scissors and pins.

Lay your pattern flat and measure in from the outside (not the fold side) 4″. Take your yard stick and make a line from the Hips line to the new mark and fold it. Cut your fabric out using the new line.


Go ahead and make the skirt the same way you did for the A-Line skirt. I got fancy and used a cording for the waist instead of bias tape.


For the hem, we’re going to fray instead of sew. Try your skirt on in front of a full-length mirror and check the length. You won’t be sewing any up in a seam allowance, so if it’s too long, mark it will a pin and cut it off.


When you have it where you want, do a straight stitch all the way around the skirt hem about 1″ above the edge. Use scissors or a seam ripper to cut up to the line, but not go through it. Take your fingers and pull the cross threads out all the way around. Look! How cute!


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  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog. I would love to see a picture of you in the finished garment. Maybe there’s one on here and I’ve missed it? Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

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