A new week. *sigh*

I feel a little trepidation for the holidays. I don’t have any money coming in yet and the kids are coming for a week and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to give them this year present wise. I’m trying to look at it as a great opportunity to help them grow into the next phase of Christmas : giving instead of getting, but only part of me is that grown-up. The rest of me wants to spend a million dollars and buy them everything in the world.

I did get to see the kids for about 15 minutes on Saturday. It was so great to get a hug or two squeezed in when it wasn’t even my weekend. I have the most awesome kids in the world. And it was very accommodating of their dad to let me swing by.

I have meds. I know…we should be having a party, but there’s no time. My head feels a kazillion times better. I might even make it through this week without having a crying fit everyday. I have so much to catch up on that I let slide last week. Thanx to my sister Rhodaƕs persistence, (with out which, none of this would be the same because I would have pulled out all my hair by now and that’s just ugly), I finally found someone willing to prescribe me meds based on my telling them what I needed instead of long and lengthy tests and time which I had none of. (a version of help, help me Rhonda is going through my head…)

I’m looking forward to work. I love it when I feel like I’m helping out someone and getting them the best loan plan possible for them. Now, if I could just do it well enough to buy toilet paper or laundry soap…..

quick recap for the kids:
i’m trying hard to be a grown-up this year for christmas, do you think santa could bring me a grown-up kit? i hear it’s just like ‘accents-in-a-box’, you eat all the product and you end up with one classy, adult personality instead of having a killer british accent like my room-mate craig, (tony, you know that craig was kidding about that whole thing, right? craig just really sounds like that….)it was so great to see you and get and give hugs and kisses and smell your hair, (yes i smell your hair…just wait till you’re a parent), i’m back on drugs which, i hope, is a phrase that i never hear you say unless they are prescription, and even then could you do me a favor and not word it quite like that? stick to the word medication…it sounds nicer.

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