New interview with Heather Armstrong of If you don’t know her work, you should. Check it out here.


“Heather lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, is married to Jon, has at least one pet dog and a daughter. But most importantly, she has a troubled intestinal tract along with a hearty sense of humor, which you most certainly need when you have the former. Her daily posts are peppered with bits of what it�s like to be in her world of kids, husbands and people of the faith when you have a slightly off-kilter body and mind. On her FAQ page, you�ll find how to pronounce her name and that in Utah even the Post Office has a changing table to encourage more breeding. Her photo of the day sometimes makes me want to cry for no apparent reason other than that I like the feeling in them.”

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  1. Found my way here via Dooce which I read everyday. It’s what I look forward to when I come home from
    work. A cold Diet Pepsi and Dooce. Anyway, lovely site and amazing artwork. I don’t have an artistic bone
    in my body although I taught art for two years to elementary school kids in an after school program I helped create called “Smart Art.”
    I knew a little more than the 2nd graders. We would take an artist, for instance, have a 20 minute lesson
    and the do a project in whatever art form the artist was known for. Since it was project oriented I could keep up.
    Actually I guess my “artistic” talent (if you were forced to call it that lol) was doing stand-up comedy, writing, etc.
    Okay, so “hello,” nice to meet you, enjoyed every minute here and plan to return!

  2. hey terri,

    thanx for dropping by! and thanx for all the nice comments. smart art sounds really cool. i love doing art with kids since they aren’t worried so much about how it looks. they are more relaxed which is so much more fun, ya know?

  3. I also found this site via Dooce. Actually I’m suprised I haven’t come across it before! Love the photos and art and found it really inspiring to hang around here for a while. I’ll be doing it again!

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