Disneyland invited me to come and see the fun Trick-or-Treating they do there on the weekends before Halloween at California Adventure Park. Since our kids were all busy that night, Joe and I took my brother, his wife and their 7-yr-old son, Gideon.

Here’s their family in front of the California Screamin’ ride, which happens to be our young Jedi’s favorite ride. (His Jedi costume was handmade by his mom, Heather.)

The Treat Stops were located every 40 feet or so and they gave you entire handfuls of candy at every stop. The amount of candy we walked out of the park with was almost obscene. And delicious.

This was my first time being in California Adventure Park and it was beautiful at night.

Joe and I had a great time. We tried five times to get a shot with Joe’s eyes open, but then we gave up.

The park had other activities for the kids like coloring masks,

And dancing with the characters in the parade.

Gideon has a season pass and has been to Adventure park many times. He told me not to expect the Halloween decorations next time I go. Thanks for managing my expectations, Gideon.

The next day we went back for some more fun. We attended a reception where some characters were coming to visit with the kids. Gideon got to meet Genie.

He had a snack and decorated a cookie with his own boxed cookie decorating kit.

He and Heather got face/body paint from a very talented artist.

The entire staff at Disneyland and California Adventure park did a wonderful job of creating a fun and magical place for kids to celebrate Halloween in a safe environment. They have the Trick-or-Treat nights on select evenings including Halloween.

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