Together by Rhoda Anderson and Leah Peterson

Once upon a time, I had a wonderful idea I was really excited about. I asked people to send me found objects so I could compile them into a painting. And people sent me things! and I was so pleased!

Then, Some Stuff Happened and I was unable to start the painting with any verve and flourish. Soon after that, we moved. Then moved again. Then moved again, then again and One More Time. And THEN we moved here, back to San Diego where most of the items entrusted to me made it. We had one small catastrophe (is that a thing? a small catastrophe?) where an envelope with a few items was lost. I’m SO SORRY if your item was in that envelope.

I want to try again. Would you try again with me?

If you’re willing, here is the plan:

My vision is for a group painting made of objects from around the world. Would you send me something small in the mail? Something that fits in an envelope and doesn’t require lots of shipping is ideal. Buttons, small stones, bottle caps, bark, leaves, scraps of paper, shells, broken jewelry or seed pods are all ideas that have worked in the past.

My intention is to keep track of where you are from, any story attached to the item and where it gets placed in the painting. I will share that online and anywhere the finished work hangs. Unless you want to keep that information private.

If you want to mail me something, leave a comment and I’ll send you my mailing address. And if you would spread the word, I’d be most thankful. The more items from the more places the better, my old uncle Wilber used to say. (I don’t have an uncle Wilber.)

For an idea of what Found Object paintings look like, use this handy link or look at the painting at the beginning of this post. Now look at me. Now look in the mirror. Now look at this (then laugh) and leave a comment so you can send me some stuff.

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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to send you something. I have all manner of Very Small Found Objects that would work. 🙂

    Shoot me an email, if I’m not too late.


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