Gloria Steinem & Greenstone Media

I was lucky enough to speak with Gloria Steinem about Greenstone Media the other day. She and Jane Fonda, among other great women, have created a national radio network owned by women and featuring women. You can read what I took away from the call over at Huffington Post.

Also on the call were these classy ladies:

Que Sera Sera
Mommy Needs Coffee
Motherhood Uncensored
Her Bad Mother
Three New York Women
Brazen Careerist
Mom 101
Almost Literary
Pamela Slim

6 Replies to “Gloria Steinem & Greenstone Media”

  1. How fascinating! Those are some truly incredible women and you are so lucky to have been able to ask them questions.

    Also? Congratulations again, I’m just so excited for you!!

  2. Great post at but, what I’m dying to know is: did you get any autographs? I know, I know, it’s tacky—but did ya?????! ! !

  3. How cool is that? And after reading these things it just makes me happy that GS is so cool. I need someone, anyone, to show evidence that when people get older they can become wise and not crazy rightwing freakazoids.

  4. Great article, and I thought your questions was just fantastic. Actually they all were pretty impressive.

    I wish you had been at the party. We had quite a bit of time with her and wow, I’m just so impressed at how she “gets” blogging and new media.

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