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Here’s what’s in the package: a Fireworks! ring, your choice of color, red hearts print beaded scarf and your choice earrings.

To enter, leave a comment telling me who your valentine is and why. Closes at midnight tonight, Pacific.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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  1. ooh I have two little Valentines this morning! My little boys! They wrote up Valentines and hid them around the house!! (of course they had help from my big Valentine!! My hubby!)

  2. I’ve been kind of a Valentine’s Day Grinch since, oh, forever. But this year, there is one person who makes me want to do something for this ridiculous holiday. Someone who makes me want to cut out snowflake paper hearts and buy cheap, cutesy teddy bears. My two-year old daughter. Who now *gets* these funny holiday things that we do, and is delighted beyond anything when someone sends her a letter. Happy Valentine’s Day, Monkey Girl.

  3. obviously my husband and two kids are right up there but this year? our new townhouse is my valentine. It has relieved us from living with his parents for the last 5 1/2 years. I love my inlaws, agreed to live with them but OH EM GEE.

    I would smooch all over my townhouse if I knew I wouldn’t get fresh paint in my mouth.

  4. I have three – my husband, my daughter and my daughter on the way. We’ve just ended the hardest year of our collective lives and made it through still together. One year ago I thought our family was broken…and this year I feel like we are closer than ever.

  5. have you ever woken up in the morning and said to yourself: “it’s a cold, definitely not sinus” then thought “when did this present come to me?” and “who have I given it to?” Rats. I’ll be moving like molasses.

  6. I am going to choose just one and it isn’t my husband this year 🙂 I choose my 3.5-year-old. When she opened her gift yesterday, she said, “Oh, THANK YOU, Mom. I love it,” and she hugged it. It was a jewelry case like mine for her play jewelry.

  7. My son said “Happy Valentine’s Day Eve” last night to me when he was going to bed, and he was the first one to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to me this morning. He is also the one who said “How come it feels like an ordinary day?” this morning at breakfast. I think he is expecting it to be like Christmas or something. Now I need to figure out something special to do tonight!

  8. My Valentine is my husband. Yesterday marks 13 years since we got engaged the first time (we weren’t actually dating yet) and I still have a wicked crush on him.

  9. My Valentine is my fiance! This is our 4th Valentine’s day together and I am excited that it is our last one before we will be married.

  10. My Valentines are my husband, my 16-year-old son, and my cute dog. I’m happy to celebrate them any day!

  11. My boyfriend (big surprise) because he’s perfect for me. Also, because he was hand-picked for me by my best friend in the world. 🙂 (She didn’t like my last b/f, so she set me up with my current, and said, “you’re going to marry this one”….sure enough, that’s the plan).

  12. This year my Valentine is my dog. He came to me in August and the vet guessed he was 12-18 months old so I’m calling today his 2nd birthday and it’s his first birthday with me. Good thing he’s sweet.

  13. My valentine is my husband, Jason. We’ve been married 12 1/2 years and now have 2 kids, 12 1/2 year old girl and 1 1/2 year old boy. Turns out we still like each other. It’s pretty cool.

  14. Oh gorgeous Leah! My Valentine is my darling husband who is currently waiting on me hand and foot, the poor thing. He’s my Valentine because he is my better half, and picks up all the pieces when I fall apart.


  15. Just a quick note to tell you I’m shutting down for the night. If your comment goes to moderation and doesn’t show up live, don’t worry! If you get it in by midnight, it will still count. I’ll approve them in the morning.

    Thanks, all!

  16. My valentine is my husband sam. He helped me follow my dream of becoming a NP. He encouraged me to go to school when i was a giant chicken and felt lost. he also has seen the very worst part of me and still manages to come home every night! 🙂 After 17 years together, he tells me daily I am beautiful, even on days I know I am not. And he means it. I know that sounds cheesy. He is not perfect, but I wouldn’t want him to be.

  17. My Valentines are today and everyday my kids. The youngest 3 insist on cutting out hearts and coloring them on an almost daily basis. This leads to stray paper hearts turning up in every nook and cranny of the house. Sweet detritus.

  18. Hmm, I would say my favorite Valentine is my husband followed closely by all four kids. I love giving them little presents and following our traditions like chocolate covered strawberries and eating Thai food.

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