This past year has turned out to be quite something, no?

Here is the family on Thanksgiving Day.

Joe’s wonderful mom Phyllis made a graceful adieu in October. You could not have asked for a better mother-in-law or friend. We spent much of 2010 initially getting to know each other and eventually sharing inside jokes. Having never been a morning show person, I was amused sometime during the summer when I realized that watching Regis and Kelly and then Hoda and Kathie Lee with Phyllis were the best hours of the morning. Actually, I guess watching her watch them was the fun part. Phyllis got a kick out of everything. Her joy and happiness were almost always right at the surface ready to bubble out. For a quick look into the kind of person she was, read what she wrote for a book I was working on. You can see so much about her through her wonderful smile.

I’ve taken a big step back from the internetty way of life. I’ve downsized. I’m working on a much more local level and relearning how to be happy. I went in the mental hospital, came out on more medication than you could shake a stick at. I went to intensive out-therapies for months and changed meds around. Still in progress. My brain is frequently on fire then ice.

Music plays a huge part of my day. It soothes my soul, heals my heart and cleanses my chakras. You can view my fav 2010 songs – Leahpeah 2010 Fasty Mix and Leahpeah 2010 Slowy Mix.

I realize this update is not what some of you have been waiting for and I’m sorry for that. Let me add that to the tip of my 2010 regrets pile before I sweep them out the door, never to obsess over again. I have to keep my front porch clean and open to new possibilities, you see.

My father-in-law Jim, a doctor, has just prescribed a treatment of 2 rice krispies treats to be taken over the next 4 hours and I need to get on that. If I don’t see you around for awhile, take good care of yourself.

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  1. I’m another reader more than satisfied with your update. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family! Wishing you continued healing and happiness in 2011…

  2. Nice to see your face and words. I’m sorry this has been a rough year but it sounds like things are on an upswing. Your family is beautiful and I wish you happy, peaceful holidays.

  3. Just read this while catching up in post-xmas RSS frenzy.

    Good for you for getting help when you needed it. Have seen too many people suffer without getting help for far too long.

    Good luck in the future whether on or off the net!

  4. Leah,

    I’ve read you off and on for a long time. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I’m glad you’re doing better and I wish you the best. Also, you are a wonderful photographer.

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