Here is a list of my own personal favorite posts and some of the most read entries:

Slowly Fading
On “Fighting for Weight Loss”
Say One True Thing
When the Water Calls
Quick Trip to Seattle
I See You
What I Am
Pre-Order Heal Something Good
When the Water Calls
Say One True Thing
On Fighting for Weight Loss

Golden Tree at Dusk, or Let in the Light

True Love
In Defense Of Gwyneth Paltrow, or coming to terms with being racist
Mocha Momma on Race and Education, Interview
Grandma This Morning
Creative Humans Magazine, Issues 1&2

Cutie Patooties
Slip Slidin’ Away, Mental Hospital
First and Last, Drug Abuse

You Can’t Take Me Anywhere, On US of Tara Set
This Post is All About Me

22 Reasons I’m Not Following You on Twitter
Apron Strings
Back to Myself
Ask Leahpeah, US of Tara Edition
Eavesdropper #2 Fiction
Muldoons 2009
It’s Not Always About You, Me.
Conversations Starter #1, Fiction
Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY, US of Tara Premier
Party Re-cap, Tara Premier Party

Democrat in a Sea of Republicans, RNC Photos
Politics, Opinion
Cest la vie
Juan Valdez Trip to Colombia for Blogher: Day 1, Day 2 part A, Day 2 part B, Day 3, Day 4

Crazy 2.0
Fruit Salad
Slice of Americana
I Aint Got no College Degree
I Was a Wrangler at Blogher ’07 Craft Panel with Amy Sedaris, Kristin Roach, Crafty Chica, Natalie Zee Drieu
LA Bloggers Live
You are No Fool, April or Otherwise, Guest Post by Brandon Rogers
16-year-old Girls
Four Conversations, Shooting at Virginia Tech
Alternate Ending
Different Than I Thought
My Guy
My Heart
Make Your Own Dress Pattern
Today He Can Buy Cigarettes and Vote and Go to War
Things Family and Friends Have Said To Me or About Me

Running Away
Dressing for Success
The Lingo
13-year-old Hormones Boys
Speaking of Boys in Cars
5th Grade Health Class
A Story that Goes Nowhere
Stop Harshing on My Mellow
The Story of the Ants and the Exterminator
Ask Leahpeah ‘Questions’ Edition
The Together Painting

Our Day with Birds in Virginia
Passed Out
When Did I Become the Worst Version of Myself?

Union Station
13 Year Old Girls

In My Little World
The Question Is
There Were Real Cloth Napkins in the Bathroom Interview of Gavin Kaysen for North Magazine

For the Birds

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