Grace told me a few weeks ago she was going to David Sedaris and I begged and pleaded to go with her. Mr. Sedaris was going to be appearing in Santa Barbara with the wonderful Sarah Vowell and it was all just too much to bear: Grace, Sedaris, Vowell, all within my grasp only a hop skip and a jump away. The wonderful woman that she is, Grace graciously (get it??) allowed Joe and I to come along. Eden was there as was her friend Jennifer. Also, Grace’s daughter, Jenn, and her boyfriend, who’s name I’ve forgotten. (That’s how great of a friend I am. Invite me again!)

Dinner was lovely. There was wine.

Sedaris and Vowell were hysterical but dinner was better.

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  1. Leahpeah Readers, our heroine is greviously wrong. It was I who begged her to accompany my sorry ass. LP gave in after weeks of email threats and whining. Joe came along to protect his wife from this rabid fangirl. My kid and her boyfriend insisted they go to dinner so they could pinch me under the table everytime I teetered on the inappropriate, like when I would begin to squeal – “Oh! Leah! Eden! Here! With me! Oh!”

    Then, while David Sedaris was reading, I nudged Leah about 20 gazillion times with this observation – “MY FACE HURTS, I’M LAUGHING SO MUCH!”

    Still, I got to hang out with one of the loveliest humans on the planet. And, for this I thank Leah for giving in.

    GraceD, Scary Fangirl

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