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When I talk with clients, I find that most humans are dealing with the same stuff: fear, misunderstanding/confusion, shame, trauma, worth, anger. And they’ve been trying to tackle it alone.

Each of us walks a different path toward healing, which means we need different tools on the way. Energy work, grounding practices, exploring gender, sexuality, consent, and understanding power dynamics…these are the tools I pull out most often.

Here’s how it works:

I created these online courses so you can go at your own pace, customizing the timing around your schedule.

Sign up now and an email will be sent to your inbox every other day. Each email contains writing assignments, reflection pieces, and additional reading suggestions to address your specific needs. I’ve intentionally timed the courses to give you time to ponder and internalize what you’re learning.

Over the next three weeks, you’ll receive 11 emails total, and when you finish, you’ll be invited to share your learning with me and if you’d like, we can discuss how to integrate what you’ve learned into your everyday life. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Kink Intro  $49  

Learn kink basics, understand consent, and what safe(r) kink is. You’ll get a Kink Playlist spreadsheet to help keep kink safe(r) and fun and within your boundaries.

Recommended complementary books: The Ethical Slut, The New Topping Book, The New Bottoming Book

Gender, Sex, and Intimacy Course  $49 

I “came out” in my 40s as gender fluid and queer and here is everything I wish I’d known. If you’re newly starting out in self-discovery or love someone who is, this course will help you understand how to talk and think about gender, sex, and intimacy.

Recommended complementary books: Delusions of Gender, The Ethical Slut, She’s Not There

Highly Sensitive Person Guide  $49 

Hi! (waves) I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and after living my entire life thinking there was something wrong with me, I finally understand that what I’ve got going on in my brain is actually a benefit for me and those around me. There’s nothing “wrong” with how I am and I’ve learned strategies for coping with overwhelm and crafting my life that could benefit you.

Recommended complementary books: The Highly Sensitive Person

Intro to Reiki  $49 

I achieved my Reiki Master certification in 2014 after three years of study and mentorship. If I had to point to any one, single thing that changed my life, it would be learning and practicing Reiki. If you’ve wondered about it as a healing art or are interested in how it might benefit you, this intro class is perfect for you.

Recommended complementary books: Essential Reiki, The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

Intentional Month

The cost of a latte gets you a month of daily intentions straight to your inbox. Each email has a short intention to focus your energy each day, along with a photo and a song. It’s super helpful in creating or strengthening a daily spiritual practice. Start at any time and reap the benefits of putting yourself first.

31 Days of Renewal  $4.99 

Intentionally focus on renewing yourself.