Hello! I’m interviewing and profiling queer lovers of all kinds for a coffee-table book during my nomadic workshop travels in […]
“And I think I’ve been content to let it go, not think about it too hard, and not let myself […]
“Believing in a gender binary, where only “men” and “women” exist, has created a stifling system where personality traits are […]
                        Read it here. A collection edited by Mitch […]
I walked and walked for ages and lifetimes, looking, searching. The light was more than half over. I prepared myself […]
The full length of you -tighter get even closer please – Along the full length of me Our backs pressed like wood […]
The first bit I wrote after the drought where my words were stuck past my teeth down my sore throat […]
I’ve had my fair share of grief over the years and when you have a real conversation with just about […]
Sometimes I feel like I learn new things right before I really need them. You know what I mean? Like, […]
It would be easy to say as things get older they automatically go towards entropy like moths to a flame […]
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