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Collaborative Painting: Saudade to Pronoia, A Work of HeArt

From Saudade to Pronoia, A Work of HeArt: A Creative Work of Connection and Healing What have you endured during this pandemic that you’d like to release and let go of to make room for something new? What have you longed for, allowed your soul to crave, knowing you can’t have it yet but are …

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San Diego Artist: Perry Vasquez, Part 1

(Posted at San Diego Union Tribune) Yesterday I posted about Alexander Jarman, who is curating a show at the Southwestern College Art Gallery called More Real Than Life: An Exhibition of Contemporary Collage. Today I’m focusing on Perry Vasquez, the gallery director, and artist in his own right. Perry was nice enough to let me …

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Selecting a Palette – Rhoda in Seattle, Part 2

In this segment I’m selecting my color palette and coming up with a rough sketch for the painting. Rhoda in Seattle Painting, Part 2 from Leah Peterson on Vimeo. There is still time to be a part of the group painting. Details here! Background music is Olivia Rex, It’s Alright With Me If you’d like …