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Jake Tyson filmed me last Saturday for a documentary he’s doing about San Diego artists. It was my first time on film since I was 8 years old and my older sister shot a short film of me and my siblings at the log cabin. (you know those Mormons….) I was nervous but Jake made …


San Diego Blog

San Diego Blog, another Joe website, seems to be flourishing under his tender, loving care. People are posting and the content is getting quite good. My contribution, besides a photo here and there, is the Interviewing San Diego series. This week, Brian Dear.


Interview with Andy Behrman

Read my interview with Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania, published by Random House. Electroboy is the chronicle of Behrman’s battle with manic depression and electroshock therapy. It is published in six other languages and is currently being made into a major motion picture with Tobey Maguire. Behrman is a mental health …


If You Know Me

then you know I love Laurie Notaro. Her books make my cheeks hurt and my belly ache from laughing so hard which usually doesn’t happen anymore since I gave up pot. I’m putting a profile together of her and her work for (Be looking for the interview in the April issue.) In doing so, …

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I've Been Quoted

Subject: A perfect quote from Leah… I was reading an article, an interview with Leah Peterson. At the end she said something that made me smile and only my wife would understand why: Leah was describing me, as well as herself, and it’s probably one of the things about me that has tweaked the wife …


North Magazine

The January issue of North is out. If you aren’t in North County to pick up a copy, you can read what I wrote here:Feature Story Out of the 50 to Watch, I did those listed below. Click on their names for more information about them. Steve Brown Michelle Bartok Tom Campanaro Deepak Chopra, MD …