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Random Piecings + My Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s some clouds from Southern Utah. You’re welcome. That place is incredibly beautiful. I mean: I joke with Joe that we should go live there and by “joke” I mean “semi-serious” and by “semi-serious” I mean how about in two years or so. Poor Joe. I think part of my joke-not-joking is that we had …

Grain-Free Cooking

Grain-Free Cooking: Oven Fries! (With an Option for Cajun Seasoning)

Sometimes you like it a little spicy. Sometimes you don’t. And sometimes you want half and half in the same meal. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to accommodate your desires. These oven fries are super simple, easy and fast. I usually make them with just olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, …

Grain-Free Cooking Heal Something Good recipe

Grain-Free Cooking: Brussels Chips Exclamation Point

If you like Brussels Sprouts, and even if you don’t care for them so much because you’ve only had them water-soggy or over-cooked, this recipe is for you. For you! When I stopped eating grains, vegetables became a bigger part of my intake and Brussels Sprouts is a weekly contender. I ate them before I …