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daily log health lupus photos


Sunday, May 8th Happy Mother’s Day. PS 6/10 Lower back, arms ACHING bad, headache. Feel sluggish but mood is still good. 8am 2 boiled eggs, coffeechicorymilk 10am Meet M & M for breakfast at Mission Cafe. It’s Mother’s Day so Wheee I’ll have whatever I want. Blueberry pancakes, egg, potatoes, coffeemilk We decide to go …

daily log health lupus photos


Saturday, May 7th Joe went to OC. PS 4/11 Good morning. Feel positive and energetic 8am Boiled egg, coffeechicorymilk Called M. Meeting her in Kensignton for brunch. M says I look good. I feel good. I decide to splurge. 11am waffle butter syrup coffee milk We peruse the neighborhood for shelves and find some Little …