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I'm sorry, Mr. H.

I’ve been obsessing about something for the past few months/years. It keeps me up at night and reminds me that I’m an idiot on so many levels. It peeks it’s head around the corner and tells me the best idea is to go to bed, tuck the covers around the shape of my body, and …


Rolling Eyes

So, Mighty Girl launched her new stuff over on Mighty Goods and I saw this head thingy which is technically named The Tingler. I read her description which included phrases like “this thing will make your eyes roll back in your head” and “it can make you feel vaguely uncomfortable, like it�s a little too …


February Column

New column up: The Joys of Puking at 30,000 Feet And the interview I did with Carl Nelson, author of Import/Export: How to Get Started in International Trade and his new novel, Secret Players. And lots of other fun stuff at