I’ve been making candles for at least 10 years and it’s still one of my favorite things to do. It wasn’t until Joe and I were completely done last night and we were wiping off the last counter that I wished I would have taken some step by step photos this time and created a post out of it. Dang. Next time. But if you have some questions (Michelle), ask away. I’ll do my best to answer with no photographic evidence of any kind.


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  1. i want to learn, i want to learn!!! i’ll wait until you make more next time and have pictures, though. i’m more interested in learning tomake them inside jars also, if you know how to do that!

  2. Also, i will put together a list of questions for you.

    You could sell these for big bucks, my dear. I see a future “Candles for sale!” button on your site. :]

  3. How the hell did I miss that? Forgive me, Leah. I am WAY out of sorts lately, but it’s totally for a good reason. :]

    Sorry, dear.

  4. i was kidding, michelle. kind of. i mean, if some one wanted to buy some, i would sell them, but they aren’t really up for sale anywhere. sorry for the confusion…..
    you are not losing your mind.

  5. I guess my biggest question is what do you use to melt the wax? Do you have special pans, etc? Does it cause a huge mess? Also, do you add scent ever? Are there tricks to doing so? What do I need to begin? I guess I have more than a lot of questions. I’m totally in the dark over here. :] I think I made a candle when I was 6 with my mom but it was one of those kits and it wasn’t really a candle. It seemed more like a bunch of crayon. :]

    So, I second the first person’s comment. I do think that the next time you go and do something like this, you should create an Internet play-by-play so we can follow along at home.

  6. To melt the wax: double boil the wax using tin cans, in water on an electric pan, at 200-250 degrees. Wax will supposedly explode under certain conditions, so caution and constant attention are a must (this was my job).

    The only special pan was to set a master temperature.

    It’s messy, and you don’t want it on carpet or anything else. We used garbage bags under every bit of the workspace.

    Scent – there are liquid and solid scents and oils available for purchase.

    Color – there are dyes available as well.

    Wax – I really enjoy the process of recycling old wax candles, slowly melting them down.

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