All six of us are crammed around a small table in OB for breakfast. It’s Sunday morning at the Little Chef, where all four children can get exactly what they want–from sweet and sour chicken to chorizo or gyros. As if your stomach can even look at those kinds of food before 1pm. Devon, 15, asks his brother Tyler, 11, various math questions to keep his mind occupied while he waits for his Greek platter #1. It’s a small table and there is no choice but for the rest of us to listen in and participate.

D: What’s the square root of 16 plus 4?
Ty: 8
D: What’s 13 plus 5 squared?
Me: Um, wait…it’s..
Ty: 38
D: What is 12 squared minus 20
Ty: 124
Me: Hey. This isn’t fair. I want to play. Can you keep them under 10 please? I don’t know them when you go higher.

The lady in the booth behind us turns around and says, “Ya. Really. Could you keep the numbers under 10?”

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