We’re creating a place to connect in deeper ways on Patreon and I hope you’ll consider joining us there! I love having a place where I can cultivate community and educate without restrictions, and where we can support each other on our journeys.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • hear about an opening in my schedule even before the waiting list when an opening comes along
  • discounts on workshops (plus an additional monthly discount if you’re a client)
  • Paint-Along zoom calls where you can chat with me and/or work on your own projects (This is a great time to ask me anything!)
  • updates that come straight to your inbox on the algorithms I’m creating for emotional processing
  • invites to podcasts and other group activities, and
  • sneak peaks into what I’m writing and and creating.

The Magnolia group is an in depth focus on how humans connect to themselves and others through gender, sex, intimacy, sexuality, relationships, fearless authenticity, and personal growth.

The Peony group (21+) is focused on using kink as a healing art from a Queer Pro-Domme perspective. Learn Kink 101 for yourself or send your partners who are new to kink there to learn. I’ll be covering all the basics in 2021 with group discussions, podcasts, and workshops. Once the basics are learned, we’ll write a scene and demo it. Kink can be super fun, healing, AND safe(r).

In these groups, I help folks create the owner’s manual to themselves. You need to be able to solidly understand how all of your parts and systems work, and how they work together, before others can learn how to make your system purr.

I like the metaphor of the owner’s manual for yourself because you should be the one who knows the most about you, and literally own your own body, with everything spelled out clearly. And, you should be able to hand it over to someone else for limited use in all the ways that feel good to you. And, you should know you can take that manual back at any point, for any reason.

When we talk about healthy sex, we sometimes forget that we have to have our own healthy sex first. When trauma is a factor, it’s infinitely more important that you understand your needs before inviting another human into the mix.

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