UPDATE: 8/4 1:00am: Joe has been cleaning up some code and doing general awesome things all over the place. I’ve gone through the database and tried to add and correct cities to those of you that had them pending since we had to break a few things to fix a few things. Ain’t that always the way? But if you used a different email to request the city than the one you used to sign up, I can’t match you and you’ll need to log in and do it yourself. Photography and Personal are both added as a focus. We rearranged the city/states. The search feature hasn’t been added yet but at least you can read through the cities now without wanting to rip your eyes out. Seriously, thanks for all your great feedback.

UPDATE: 8/3 1:10pm: I’ve had a few suggestions for putting the city name next to the person’s name or url. For example, when you are on the main BloggerNetwork page and are viewing the entire list of the last updated sites, you would be able to tell who belonged to which city before you clicked on their url. From a design perspective, I’m not sure how that looks. If any of you that are thinking along those lines wants to come up with a design to work it in, let me know. I’m happy to see any and all idea. This is turning into quite a community effort and I THANK YOU for you feedback and help. And, yes, I’ll be changing the way the cities looks and having them listed by state option and also alphabetical order option. But probably not today.


UPDATE: 8/3 11:30am: Some of the cities are not showing up in connection to your urls. Troubleshooting now. You should not have to add your cities again or anything. But if you click on your city on the right and your url doesn’t show, just know I’m working on it. Thanks!


UPDATE: 8/3 10:15am: (i know, right?) Don’t forget to log back into your account and add your city to your url once I get it listed.


UPDATE: 8/3 10am: WOW! You guys totally rock! The list of cities is getting longer and longer. At some point, I might need to have only states listed on the right with a city dropdown. But we’ll be adding a search as well, and that might help you to find your city fastest. For those of you asking, ‘Hey! Where is said BloggerNetwork badge to put on my site?’ To you I say ‘Soon.’ And thank you for asking. But you can put a text link on your site now, if you want. KristyK suggested we add an icon for Photography and Suebob suggested a Personal category. Both great ideas and will be implemented soon. Thanks, everyone!


UPDATE: 8/2 midnight: The issue is fixed. Please, resume the adding of your blogs and let me know if you find any other errors. Your info is now safe. If you signed up earlier tonight, please login to BloggerNetwork.org and update with a new password. Thanks!


UPDATE 8/2 7pm: Schmutzie wins as the person to find the first bug. Thanks, Schmutzie! We’ll be back in a few hours when it gets fixed. Something about your personal information being important and all that crap…..


I hate going on a trip to a new city and not knowing whom of my blogger friends lives there. What if I went all the way there and then all the way home and THEN found out that so-and-so lived there and we could have hooked up for drinks?

I had an idea for a simple and easy to use blog listing by city. Sure, at some point it could be shaped into something with groups, networking, an ad service and whatever else was wanted but the main thing I want it for – is for me. And you, if you want.

So, add your blog. Right now, my son and myself are the only ones there and we are a little lonely. Send suggestions for improvement. Tell me you want to work on the design. (Please! The design!) Tell me anything that comes to mind. Add your city! The San Diego listing will have a ton of names in it in a few weeks because we are going to migrate all the content from here to there. But, if you are already on SDB, go ahead and sign up anyway. It will save me work, and that is totally cool. You can pick more than one city if you so desire. That is mostly for me as well, since I want to claim Los Angeles and San Diego and figured other people might be like me. (what? no?) You can also put in little, tiny (so cute!) icons by selecting up to three areas of focus and also, rss, atom and anything else you can think of to make yourself appear as geeky as possible. Again, mostly for me so I know what you’re talking about and if we can be friends. Also, if you are an anonymous blogger or prefer to use only your first name, totally fine. Just make sure your online published name is not your real, secret name. Capiche?

The whole point is so that I can come to your city and have a drink with you. What’s not to like?

PS. if you find kinks or bugs, please let me know.

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  1. I should tell you that that link to that blog index thingy is totally logged into your account, and your password is showing when I follow the links. You should make it be something else. Um, that’s it. I am going to go log you out and then get into it myself.

  2. OK this is sort of weird. I was talking to TW the day before we left for Blogher about doing something like this but I was going to do it in a visual way — get people to upload their business cards or an icon size image of their masthead or something along with their link.

    Cool. 🙂

  3. Does this only apply to people in California? Cos, I’ will totally buy you a coke icee if you’re ever slumming down this way 🙂

  4. Yay! This will be really good. I’m certain that I could get at least 10.4 people to come visit me and buy me a cuppa coffee when they do.


    Should I go for a bigger prize? A small pony? A mural painting?

    In any case, I’ll sign up when the bugs are out. Great idea!

  5. Well Miss Peah, Seems I left blogger a day too early. No one said there would be free wine… Anyway, I was really hoping to meet you as I, too, live in San Diego and realized you did when you went to visit Dooce. I had actually tried to sign up for SD blogs before but never got a return e-mail. Do I need to do both now? Please advise. And please use small words as computers tend to explode when I look at them. Thanks.

    p.s. I heard some crazy girl might be handing out free wine in Coronado this weekend.

  6. Great idea, Leah! It’s happened to me more than once that I’ve blogged about going to another city for work. Then, I discovered when I got home that several of my favorite bloggers lived in that city and I had no idea!

  7. Leah, as usual, you are full of fabulous ideas. This is great and much appreciated. Is it possible to add a “personal” category since some of us just write about whatever pops into our heads and we aren’t moms or dads and we don’t write about our families?

    Note to Stampy: the free wine I tasted (white) was one of the worst things to ever pass my lips. So you did good in leaving. Though we missed you.

  8. Hey,
    Terrific idea – I registered but am bloggerly deficit on being able to post the link on blogspot….any advice? Advance apologies for the lameosity.

  9. This is just GENUIS! And you added little old Augusta in which I will be the only person. You are too, too sweet!

    I’m going to send all 12 of the people who read my site over there to add themselves to the site!

  10. Love! this, Leah. My little town of Spokane, WA doesn’t come up, but I was just fine choosing Seattle and Portland as “my” cities. I prefer them anyway. And they are close enough! : )

    Oh, and I saw something about a blogger’s network button, but I didn’t see a button, or code for one? Maybe not ready yet? Whenever it is ready, I am interested!


  11. Don’t laugh at me for trying to submit Huntsville, AL as a city – like ANYONE comes to visit us. hehe. But, I had to try. hee.

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