We’ve got Beyonce’s thighs in this podcast, people. I don’t know what else you need. Check it out at the […]
Simple food is one of the great benefits, in my opinion, of Paleo eating. I have a few main go-to […]
I went to ALT Summit this year. I’ve wanted to go since it began a few years ago and thankfully, […]
I’m lucky enough to get to attend ALT SLC this week. Everyone knows that accessories are the most important part […]
Devon and Lacey in Gone With the Wind. Or Engagement Photos. Same diff. I love this photo of them. The […]
I love my Olloclip deeply. Thanks, Devon.
This is what I see in the morning when I fire up my computer. This guy. I mean, I also […]
Episode 2, “It Costs Nothing to be Kind,” Kelly talks about her trip to Ethiopia and we discuss what’s important […]
I’m so excited to share my new video series, That’s What She Said. I’ve been working on this idea for […]
I was *this close* to kickstartering the heck out of a really cool project. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter that I […]
My heart is so squishy for these guys.
Me: If you tell me the problem is with me and not with my machine, we’re going to have a […]
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