“It’s called spam because of a Monty Python sketch in which everything on the menu includes Spam. In the sketch, eggs and bacon come with Spam. Baked beans come with Spam. Even the Spam comes with Spam. And the comedy troupe sings the word “Spam” over and over again to mock the ridiculous notion of …

kids movies

The Passion

I was upset that my ex-husband took my kids to see The Passion movie. I haven’t seen it but heard enough about the blood and gore to know it might be more than I wanted some of them to see. On the phone last night my 11-year-old said to me: “Mom, if you truly grasp …


Engaged and In Charge

she: No! It’s really important that the carpet not clash with the bridesmaid’s dresses! he: That blue-ish…purple-ish…green-ish color? That’s going to be hard… She stares at him. she: OK. Now let’s talk about the place settings. She stares at him. He butters his bread. Slowly. she: Are you listening to me?? …pause…. she: Don’t eat …


Via NY Times

Disturbing Story Long Thought Dead, a Child Is Found Alive and Healthy By JASON GEORGE Published: March 3, 2004 PHILADELPHIA, March 2 — A woman who police officials said kidnapped a newborn six years ago, set fire to the mother’s house to make her believe that the baby girl had died in the blaze, and …


Amusement Park

It’s been a roller-coaster-couple-ah-weeks. I think things are settling down. I think. You know, these rides aren’t always fun. It would be nice to just sit down on the bench and watch other people ride for awhile. ps….vote.