This post went viral on Facebook. As I post this, the counts are: 10.4k+ shares, 3.4k+ comments, and 20k+ reactions. […]
I made a video to explain my answers to the most-asked questions. Why I Left the LDS Church from Leah […]
Update: I’ve moved my campaign to GoFundMe! Welcome. You’ve probably heard of the campaign I’m running over on Kickstarter for […]
UPDATE: This Kickstarter did not successfully fund. Please join me at the new location of this project: on GoFundMe. _____ […]
It’s December 22, 2016. I’ve just written my mom an email. The contents of this email include me breaking her […]
So. Donald Trump won. He won the first time with a little help from his friends and he won a […]
Growing up, my mom sat down with us every few months and taught us a new principle of conversation. It […]
MARMALADE I come to the beach Heart deflated Breath flat and simple. I sit on the dune Waves smashing Sun […]
Buckle up. It’s a long one. Since the day of the election, I have been looking for prominent LDS people […]
When I wrote my guide for white people about systemic racism, the main feedback I’ve received in emails and direct […]
This past year or so I’ve been trying to find the gifts in whatever life hands me. When I’m stuck […]
The sister of Empathy is called Holding Space. They hold hands a lot and hang out together watching old episodes […]
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