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Bisexual White American Female

By on December 27, 2016

It’s December 22, 2016. I’ve just written my mom an email. The contents of this email include me breaking her heart. I’ve thought of a dozen reasons not to write it and fought with myself about it for over two months but at the end of this day, I will go to sleep knowing she […]

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When Donald Trump Wins

By on December 19, 2016

So. Donald Trump won. He won the first time with a little help from his friends and he won a second time when the Electoral College cast their votes today. That image is from when Pennsylvania voted. Just a stream of sad and mad emojis for 45 minutes across my screen. This is our reality […]

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Communication 101

By on December 5, 2016

Growing up, my mom sat down with us every few months and taught us a new principle of conversation. It should be noted that I did not like these meetings. I wanted to watch Scooby Doo, but it was a requirement, and so I tried to quiet my interrupting voice and keep my fidgeting limbs […]

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Onward – Day 20

By on November 28, 2016

MARMALADE I come to the beach Heart deflated Breath flat and simple. I sit on the dune Waves smashing Sun bronze and dipping. I watch the pelicans Wings beating Formations ebb and flow. I soak in burnt color God’s palette Marmalade and scarlet red. I brush sand off my feet Soul infused Life fat and […]

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A Mormon Speaking Out

By on November 21, 2016

Buckle up. It’s a long one. Since the day of the election, I have been looking for prominent LDS people who are speaking out against what’s happening as Trump puts highly questionable people in his cabinet and violence has erupted around the country in his name. I feel pretty alone in being an LDS member […]

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White Privilege

By on November 20, 2016

When I wrote my guide for white people about systemic racism, the main feedback I’ve received in emails and direct messages from white people is some variation of, “I’m not racist. Stop calling me that. My life was/is hard. I don’t have white privilege.” There’s a big misconception out there of what it means to […]

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Hidden Gifts

By on November 11, 2016

This past year or so I’ve been trying to find the gifts in whatever life hands me. When I’m stuck in traffic, maybe it’s that I got to hear something really great on NPR before I reached my destination. If I dropped and shattered a favorite heirloom glass serving bowl, maybe it’s that when I […]

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A White Lady’s Guide to Systemic Racism

By on November 9, 2016

Hello, White People. I’m glad you’re here. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fight because you’re mad I’m talking about this, or if you’re happy you found some information you’ve been looking for, or if you’re anywhere in between on the spectrum, welcome. Information is good and the more times you are informed about […]

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To The Family Tribe of the Other

By on November 6, 2016

Hi. If you read that long epistle I wrote and got really irritated and bugged and kept rolling your eyes or thought things like, “it’s not that bad,” or “she’s exaggerating and it’s disgusting,” or “we’re not like that at all,” then rest assured it was not for you! Congratulations! You are not the Other […]

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