A new week. *sigh* I feel a little trepidation for the holidays. I don’t have any money coming in yet […]
Today I looked out my living room window and saw a most peculiar thing. In preface to this little story, […]
so. It’s been a busy week and weekend. But it was awesome. My kids came down and spent time with […]
When did I turn into a ma’am? Last time I checked the mirror I swear I was only 19 or […]
I’m finding I love my life right now. It’s kind of amazing. Yes, I love my life. This is a […]
So I’m moving in the house this weekend. I love this house. Did I mention that already? I feel like […]
I can’t wait until I’ve found my home and moved into it. Through the generosity of my friends and family, […]
I have been missing my family SO MUCH this weekend. Yeesh! Not just my kids, although that would have been […]
This week was GREAT! Who knows how often I’m going to get to say that, so I thought I’d put […]
dun….dun….dun…..! Our story begins a few months back when our heroine was spending an afternoon conversing with friends. It was […]
It’s so weird for me to think that I can wear a pantsuit to work with a semi-low-almost-cleavage-showing blouse, drive […]
So. I’m a real worker now. How ’bout that? And my title is ‘loan officer’. I sound so…so…official. But today […]
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