I cried the day I broke this green glass bowl from Grandma Jean. I tried to fix it with some […]
I made some pretty jewelry frames. Disorganized jewelry makes me sadface. Pretty easy to do. I took the backs off, […]
I’m leah7peah on Instagram.
Devon and Lacey came to San Diego for Comic-Con. We took a few photos for the Save-the-Date cards for their […]
I made some pretty rings. I love the simplicity, the statement of the singular stone. They would be fun for […]
This commissioned set has a cut rose pendant made of pink dyed Jade with green dyed Jade beads on the […]
The blurry ones Tony took as a joke are some of my favs from that day.
Tony took these with a Canon 30D, Sigma 70-300 at La Jolla Cove, Ca.
Nuvia Crisol Guerra is passionate, well-spoken, well-informed and charismatic. It’s easy to see why she was chosen to be the […]
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