My heart is so squishy for these guys.
Me: If you tell me the problem is with me and not with my machine, we’re going to have a […]
Leahpeah chats with Elan aka Schmutzie, Aidan aka the Palinode. Special appearances – Onion, Oskar and Lula. Show and Tell […]
My friends Katie and Jesse got married and I got to make a few things for their wedding. Man, was […]
Nurtured, grown and harvested by my family, then made into a lovely preserve by my friend Margot. I took the […]
i looked up and you were staring at me, your eyes were a little too wide, your lashes long and […]
Delaney is a 1-month-old of a friend of mine and she’s cute as a button. This play quilt is for […]
I eat a lot of bacon. I don’t know if that means we can’t be friends anymore, but I just […]
One of my favorite commissions yet is this adorable clutch purse made from bright red poppy fabric and lined with […]
The curtains have a body of very thin muslin to let in a ton of light. We only have windows […]
I neglected to date these self portraits, one which includes such awkward hand placement, but I remember them being during […]
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