Selfies From 1990something

I neglected to date these self portraits, one which includes such awkward hand placement, but I remember them being during the late 90s. Sometimes it hurts to go back and look at old work. I’d like to argue with my 8th grade art teacher – sometimes there is such a thing as bad art. As @superjules so aptly said, So call me maybe?

Kumquats in August OhTwelve

My little dwarf kumquat tree has a whole new batch of fruit. Its leaves still drop off at an alarming rate, but they grow back rapidly, so I suppose it’s fine.

I used to water it at the same rate as my dwarf Meyer lemon tree, which the humming birds love, by the way, but I’ve found the lemon tree drinks twice as fast as the kumquats.

This is the little green glass bowl that I referenced in an earlier post that I got from Grandma Jean. I hope I’m able to keep it whole and unbroken for many years to come.

The Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa – The Coffee Part

Margot and I went for coffee this morning. She declared it was time for someplace new. We drive down Turquoise street in North Pacific Beach and saw Valerie waving a sign like a homing beacon, directing us to the Turquoise, Cafe Bar Europa.

Only the outside coffee bar was open, but oo la la, the coffee was delicious. Margot had a little spinach quiche which she declared divine and was gone before I thought to snap a photo. The staff was just lovely.

Parking is a little tricky. On one side is a car wash, which you can park at in the evenings but not in the day, and on the other side is the VFW with clearly marked “VFW only” signs, and street parking is a little scarce. There was some back alley parking but it was full when we were there. But the Turquoise cafe vibe is beachy, pretty, welcoming and eclectic and makes the parking effort worth it.

We’ll be back one evening for drinks and music. Highly recommended.

Broken Glass

I cried the day I broke this green glass bowl from Grandma Jean. I tried to fix it with some glass glue, but as you can see, it is kind of a globby mess. Most likely it will come apart and become part of a painting. Its smaller counterpart survived my butterfingers (photos soon) and I take some comfort in that.

This blue goblet is part of a 10 (now 9) piece set, which I love a lot. The color makes me very happy. The light shining through the glass is beautiful and the unfocused image below might be my favorite. It will be part of a painting someday, too.

Jewelry Frames

I made some pretty jewelry frames. Disorganized jewelry makes me sadface.

Pretty easy to do. I took the backs off, removed the glass and saved them for something in the future. I cut pieces of lush and thick upholstery remnants I had stashed (a gift from my niece a few years ago) about 1.5″ larger than the cardboard back pieces all the way around and attached them, pulling tight.

I couldn’t find my glue gun, which I think would have been the best course of action, so I had to do a bit of hand sewing to pull the back pieces towards each other, kind of like a corset. It took way longer than if I’d been able to find my glue gun, but I do love working with my hands, so no harm. I used three different but complimentary fabrics.

I cut some lace strips and sewed them on at intervals along the length, pulling the strips tight and then stitching a tiny bit in the center fronts to hold them in place. My earrings aren’t generally heavy, but I still wanted the lace to stay in place once I had them all hanging.

I screwed hooks along the top of two of the frames to hang my necklaces from. I decided not to pad under the fabric with any batting because I wanted a flatter surface so the earrings and necklaces would lay flat. I think I made the right choice.

I don’t like them so center-focused on my bedroom wall. Right now they are directly across from our bed. I’m thinking I’ll move them to another wall and place something I’d rather stare at in their place.

Jade Pendant Necklace/Earrings Set

This commissioned set has a cut rose pendant made of pink dyed Jade with green dyed Jade beads on the necklace. I love the delicate leaves going around the chain and the bird charm on the necklace. The matching earrings have the green dyed Jade beads as well. All made with base metal of tarnished silver. Super fun to make and beautiful on.