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    Heal Something Good Wellness Retreats

    UPDATE: Check out the new Heal Something Good website for all the details! I’m so happy to introduce to you our Heal Something Good Wellness Retreats! We’re still in the planning stages and if you want more info as it comes along, please let me know and I’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll be covering a lot of the info that’s in my book plus go in depth with individual needs. We’ll have massages, non-toxic manicures, zytoscans, do energy work, cover nutrition and of course, essential oils. Most importantly, we’ll spend time really getting to understand how our guts and brains are connected, why healing has to take place…

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    Quick Trip to Seattle

    I flew to Seattle over the weekend. It was frosty and cold but the sun was shining and I didn’t take my sunglasses because I didn’t think I’d need them. It was Seattle. But there was the sun waiting for me when I got off the plane, saying hello, welcome, hope you have a good weekend. In the morning, the leaves and grass were tipped in ice and crunched underfoot. My sister was busy scraping ice off the windshield with her credit card and I bent low to take photos of the groundcover. Not helpful in the grand scheme of things, or even in helping us get to the conference…

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    I’m Bloggin’ in 2014

    I’m over at You’re Doing So Great! this year posting about Health and Wellness and Essential Oils. The past few years have brought incredible change for me and I’m sharing that journey over there. I hope you come over and hang out with me. I’m leading a journaling group because keeping track of my foods, activities and gratitude made such an impact, I want to help facilitate that change for others. Join us!