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    I Got Married Last Year

    on this day to this guy. Our wedding night was spent with all my kids and the honeymoon was spent with my kids at my parent’s house. My family threw us a surprise party/reception. It was a luau theme and Nate and Laurel spent the whole night in character. At one point, everyone sat around in a circle and played Hot Potato with a coconut. If you were left holding the coconut when the music stopped, you had to give a piece of advice to the newly weds. Joe has a list of their advice posted here. My favorite: “Do as many things as you can with each other.” which…

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    Wedding Day

    Today I am so getting married. It’s hectic. It’s fun. It’s slightly crazy. It’s the best. By the time we actully get the 6 of us and all out respective stuff out the door, it will be this afternoon. But that’s ok. The actual time doesn’t matter. It’s just that it’s really going to happen that’s the thing. Joe is going to try to put up an audio clip of the ceremony later today. Weird. Rad.

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    Not The Story You Thought

    Once upon the time there was a man and a woman that tripped into like and then fell into love within the same year. The next year was full of learning experiences that changed them both and held tremendous growth. It was wonderful. A month or so before the 2nd anniversary of their relationship, the man decided it was time to ask the woman to marry him. Not all together comfortable with the idea but feeling pressured to not let her get away, it was difficult for him to do it and he warmed up with some practice ‘askings’ until one night he mustered the courage to make her and…

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    The Kids are Here

    You can tell the kids are here when there are delightful piles of things like backpacks and dirty socks around the house and the cat is hiding under the bed. I love it. Why? Because it doesn’t happen often enough. I don’t get to complain and nag as often as I’d like. Which totally puts me off the normal mom-nag ratio. Other mom’s don’t understand when I tell them I actually love to hear the kids arguing in the other room. Because that means they’re in the other room.

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    Part Four

    The fourth time he asked me we really asked each other. First we fought. At least as much as we fight. Which isn’t so much fighting as it is heavy discussion. And somewhere in the middle of the fighting we had exchanged ‘yesÂ’s to each other and this time it felt like the real thing. There was less fanfare than with even the tomato slice and yet things seemed right and just as they should be. Two days later we went to the swap meet and got rings, buy one get one free. You couldn’t have asked for a better deal to fit our budget. I think the stone in…

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    Part Three

    I almost missed the third time he asked me. He slipped a slice of tomato on my finger which looked and felt strange and funny. I was laughing too hard to answer but I managed a muffled sound of some kind which he took as in the affirmative. It will be nice when I get a ring made of metal but I think I’m going to miss the tomatoes.

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    Part Two

    The second time he asked me it was 10:42 on a Sunday evening. We had gone to an afternoon movie using passes we got as a present last Christmas. We had forgotten about them all these months and today was the perfect day to use them. When we exchanged the passes for two tickets to ‘Garden State’ the guy behind the counter also handed us a surplus fiver. Score.

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    Part One

    The first time he asked me we were in Krispy Kreme. I’d never seen the way the doughnuts were made and he wanted to show me. When I asked him why, he said, ‘Because I want to experience things with you.’ We watched the small dough rings on their journey from being newly gutted all the way to the liquid sugar glaze. Then we got our free samples. Some of the freshly oil-dunked doughnuts got stuck on one another and didn’t cook properly. I worried over someone getting the ‘duds’ out of there before they wasted sugar.