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    Snow and Trip Recap

    Here is what it looked like when we went to go get Joe from the airport on Friday night. Here is what it looked like the next morning. We drove home all day Sunday. I was a little worried about the weather but as we approached Southern Utah, I relaxed and the snow disappeared. I don’t like driving in the snow. I don’t like anyone else driving me in the snow. I tend to get white-knuckled and spend a lot of time perched on the edge of the seat, eyes opened slightly too wide and asking inane questions like, ‘You doing alright? Are we almost there? Was that a skid?…

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    Gingerbread Houses, er, Buildings, er, Somethings

    After we got done gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing and pie, we got out the supplies to make gingerbread houses. We used to do this every year but have slacked off the past few years. But this year – back on task. As I pulled out bag after bag of candy, none of which anyone wanted to eat because they were so full (it’s part of the plan, yo) the kids got around the table and grabbed a ziplock of icing. We found out that we were missing one of the walls for the houses and we were 2 gingerbread men short. Most of the candy was too heavy…

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    You Need To Hold My Hand (Or, Finally, Get A Tshirt)

    Last week I went to Santa Barbara and had lunch with Eden. And why not, right? I mean, if you had the option of having lunch with Eden, you would, right? She’s funny and pretty and smells nice. She knows the best places to eat fish tacos. She wears cute shoes. Cookie licks her. In fact, if you don’t want to have lunch with Eden, I’d venture to say there is something wrong with you. I wish I could say I JUST went there to have lunch with Eden, but in fact, I went because somewhere along the line I turned into a confused, tear-leaking mass that can’t find the…

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    I What?

    Because I love the sound of my own voice (false) I made the first of what I hope to be the entire series of old columns in MP3 form. You can listen to me drone on and on about the planets in Lucky Stars, Bad Signs and Planets in Retrograde. Text version here. The awesome music you hear in the intro is a sample from a song two of my brothers did for my sister on her birthday some years back. The end song, which I included in its entirety just for the fun of it, is my brother, Nato, singing a song that us younger kids sang growing up…

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    Alison Is Back

    Alison is here for a few weeks. She’s brought her husband with her this time. And her beading. And her humming. There are few things better than hearing her quietly hum or sing in the next room. Maybe her soup.

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    The Heart Of Rockin'Roll

    When I was fifteen my dad sent me to John Birch Society camp. The camp was in Colorado, and a group of people I’d never met before dropped by the house to give me a ride there. They all seemed a little odd but nice, in a granola kind of way. Granola that was extremely patriotic and wore flag shirts. I felt out of place the entire week. There was a dance almost every night on the deck of the upper level of the main meeting hall. It smelled like trees and fresh and stars and snow, even though there was no snow at that time of year. The DJ,…

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    So Much Less Than It Should Be

    I’m not sure where the weekend, Monday or today went, but suddenly it’s 5pm on Tuesday. I’ve been doing stuff. New projects (would you expect anything less) job interviews, new writing gigs etc. I hate doing the flirt, dash and run update but I’m afraid that’s all I have in me at the moment. Look, it’s my daughter: Umm, look! It’s Ants on a Log: Look! It’s my genetic eyebrow showing up in my son: Do you feel cheated? Do you still love me? Are you still coming over this weekend with a 6pack of Red Stripe?

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    The Shirt

    A few people at BlogHer asked if I had T-shirts. Um, nope. I did not. But I do now. If you are so inclined, please go here to buy the very first official Leahpeah shirts which say “Flawed but Authentic.” Also to be had – a mug and a bag. I know, right? Here is a close up of the design: Now that I’ve started doing this, I don’t know if I can stop. It was pretty fun. And I haven’t even made a men’s version. Or a hat. Or a calendar or anything. I’m practically a N003. If there is anything you’d like made, please let me know. I’ll…

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    Everywhere I look there are flowers. I’m running and running and then finally come upon a swing set. Fabio turns to me and says, ‘Would you like a push?’ Without replying, (because I’m sure he knows my every thought) I jump up on a swing and Fabio’s big, strong (quite frankly, too large and bordering freakish) arms begin to push me higher and higher. The quiet creak-creak of the swing set gets louder and louder until it’s almost a deafening sound. I cover my ears with my hands and fall from the swing to the ground. Fabio won’t stop staring at me and it’s making me very, very uncomfortable. And…

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    I Was A Wrangler At Blogher '07

    Last year at Blogher, I commented on a distinct oogy feeling that permeated parts of the conference. This year, despite however much I was quietly alert for it, The Oogy did not appear. Blogher ’07 was fabulous and there was not one moment that the feeling wasn’t just loving, creative and supportive for everyone.* I spoke with Elisa on Sunday morning right before I left for my flight and asked her what she thought the difference was. She mentioned better internet access, better support through the hotel and services, better hotel in general (I don’t think anyone there last year has forgotten those charming rooms – yuck.), and a smaller…