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    I went back and forth on posting these. Joe’s grief is so apparent that it rips my heart. However, Bas’s paws/legs and Joe holding him in just this way, so tender, are too sweet. This was how they hung out together every evening.

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    Larry Good Kitty

    This is Larry. Larry is neither a he nor a kitty. She’s currently wearing a calming cat collar similar to this one that emits pheromones making her friendly and pettable. And just so gosh darn cute.

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    Mr. Bas

    Back in 2003, I first wrote about Basilone and how much we loved him, how totally rad he was. Then in 2005, we had to say goodbye to him because our landlord was super-duper allergic. We sent him to live with Joe’s parents. It was a sad, sad day. Bas has loved it at the Crawford’s in Virginia. He is happy and spoiled and gets treats a few times a day. Here he is at the bar, waiting for someone to give him something chickeny. His front leg on the bar like that kills me. Like he’s about to say, Vodka on the rocks, and make it a double! He…

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    Goodbye Bas

    Joe took Basilone to the airport last night where he was threatening homeland security and needed to be frisked. Twice. I kid you not. Watch out for those dangerous cats. Bas is going to have a wonderful time living in Roanoke with Joe’s parents. We are missing him very, very much. I said goodbye to him at the door since it was so late, the redeye flight, and it was my early day today. (5 am) Looking for the positive: Devon won’t have asthma attacks and miss school due to cat dander anymore. There’s that. Although Dev is as sad as anyone to see him go. He just can’t help…

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    Voicemail Message 3.3.2005

    Hey Baby, this is Joe. Remember when you asked me what Bas could possibly be doing with all the little plastic water bottle lids we throw for him to play with? Well, it isn’t really magic but it kind of is. I just pulled out the couch to see if there was anything there we missed when packing up and guess what I saw? It really is a thing to behold. I wish I had a camera. There is 3..4..7..10…16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. 21 little lids all in a line back here. Love you. Wish you could see it.

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    All About Bas

    We have him back now but Bas got to holiday with Meg and Joe T over at the Toledo Day (and Night) Spa. They treated him so well and even rearranged the entire house to accommodate him. Dude. You can’t ask for better friends than that. Thanx Meg and Joe and Homer and Patches….. xo

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    Our cat is by far the coolest cat ever. I took some photos of Bas. The light was poor. I’m going to take some more soon during the day so you can see his incredible eyes. He likes to give hugs by wrapping his paws around you and kiss your nose. He tries to pet you back. Still a little skittish when we stand up or move too quick, but he’s getting used to us.