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Beautiful Souls

By on May 6, 2016

In 2014, photographer Katie Gardner took some photos for me at Blogher for a project that never materialized. Our intent was to put together a book, but the resources to put that book together never showed up no matter how hard we tapped the Universe’s shoulder. We saved the most beautiful photos of these women […]

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Releasing Grief

By on July 4, 2015

I’ve had my fair share of grief over the years and when you have a real conversation with just about anyone, you realize they, too, have had theirs. We live on the surface so much of the time, nodding our heads hello and nice to see you, which is to be expected when we’re all […]

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Colombia, Day One in Bogota

By on June 4, 2008

Day one in Colombia has been long but great. My red eye flight over was only 7 hours and I had a window seat. Unfortunately I was seated next to an elderly gentleman who couldn’t get out of the seat by himself to let me over to my seat. He at first expected me to […]

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Alphamom Interviews

By on July 16, 2007

Last year at Blogher I did a number of video interviews for Alpha Mom TV. Prior to now, the one with Arianna Huffington was the only one available. But now that the new and improved Alpha Mom website has launched (complete with product ratings and baby names and Isabel’s own column!) they are being launched […]

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