Breakfast to the 6th Power

All six of us are crammed around a small table in OB for breakfast. It’s Sunday morning at the Little Chef, where all four children can get exactly what they want–from sweet and sour chicken to chorizo or gyros. As if your stomach can even look at those kinds of food before 1pm. Devon, 15, …


We're Screwed

Article We’re Screwed March 2003 by James Colburn Re: digital imaging and the lack of security when it comes to your work. We’re now no better than caricaturist at the county fair putting big heads on small surfing bodies. Also in the March issue of The Digital Journalist: The Realities of Flying in the Post …


The Weekend

Had the kids this past weekend. It was marvelous. We took many photos, some of which will be available as soon as my pc stops acting like it’s broken. I know it’s faking. The kids rode the train back home. Alone. I put four on and four got off on the other end, so I …


Shut Down by Frito-Lay

You may or may not know that I was building a site for children’s art. I bought the domain name You know, cracker jack in the ol’ “a person or thing of marked excellence” way. At any rate, after working on it for weeks and weeks, doing research and making various promotional material, I …


New Links

Two new links on the sidebar: Elise Tomlinson, very nice artwork. She has some good reading, too. And, Denise linked to James Lileks’ site whos bleats are well worth the time to read. We here at leahpeah are proud to have them both as additions to the sidebar.

ask leahpeah

Today's Letter

hi my name is Israel. I am from chihuahua, mexico, right now i am working for the minority business round table in washington dc. While I was looking for information about Dr. Carl Nelson i found your article about him, i really like it and enjoy it, nice work! I am here in washigton because …


It's Official

I’m looking for a new job. I’m not too proud to ask my friends for leads. If you know of anything “out there” in the San Diego area or something in another location as long as I can virtually commute, please let me know. More details to come.

in the car

My Car

If you know the history of me and my car (23 Oct 2002 The Curse of the Car), you won’t be surprised to learn that last night it was broken into. Back small window, driver’s side, punched in so they could unlock the door. Went through everything in the trunk and jockey-box. They stole about …