All six of us are crammed around a small table in OB for breakfast. It’s Sunday morning at the Little […]
Article We’re Screwed March 2003 by James Colburn Re: digital imaging and the lack of security when it comes to […]
Had the kids this past weekend. It was marvelous. We took many photos, some of which will be available as […]
I looked down to check my watch and found that it stopped at 3:07pm yesterday. It was a weird, eerie […]
You may or may not know that I was building a site for children’s art. I bought the domain name […]
Devon, my oldest, and I both have poems published in Arts and Poets this issue. You can pick up free […]
is Joe’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Joe!
Two new links on the sidebar: Elise Tomlinson, very nice artwork. She has some good reading, too. And, Denise linked […]
hi my name is Israel. I am from chihuahua, mexico, right now i am working for the minority business round […]
A Dozen Net-Dating Tips For Guys via Denise.
I’m looking for a new job. I’m not too proud to ask my friends for leads. If you know of […]
If you know the history of me and my car (23 Oct 2002 The Curse of the Car), you won’t […]
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