Leah Blooms

writer * mentor * queer * fluid * happy


May 8, 2018

The full length of you
-tighter get even closer please –
Along the full length of me
Our backs pressed like wood
Notched, planed, sanded to fit
Worked over by life
And the wars we won
Even if we lost
Because we survived
And the wars ongoing
That threaten to destroy
But sound more like a growly puppy
When we stand together
Like flooring
where the seams disappear
Not because they’re perfect
But because they are Love
My heart listening
Your heart beating
Our blood circulating
First through you
Then winding inside me
Like a river bringing life to a desert long parched
Then back to you
And again
Until the foundation rises
Strong under my feet
I feel
Safe where I can breathe
And sleep

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