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Gratitude | Kickstarter

Kickstarter: The Unconventional Gratitude Book!

January 10, 2017

UPDATE: This Kickstarter did not successfully fund. Please join me at the new location of this project: on GoFundMe.

Do you like making the best out of a terrible situation (after you’re done feeling crappy and working through your feelings)? Then, have I got a book for you!

Unconventional Gratitude is my way of saying thank you to many important women in my life. You might know some of them! My gratitude to them is interwoven with my life story in something called an epistolary memoir, which sounds lofty, but which is, in fact, just me trying to find an excuse to come to a city near you and hang out and tell some of these women in person how much I appreciate them. (Stretch goals!)

If you’ve got a little time, please click to watch the video. Share it with your friends! And happy birthday to me!

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