Muldoons 2009 (aka Mini-TequilaCon)

I don’t get out often. I don’t always do well in social situations. I tend to avoid events where I’m going to meet new people because I’m afraid they won’t like me. I might do something stupid. Talk too much. Have a booger hangin’ out mah nostril. Or my forehead might get too glisteny. Oh, I don’t know. Be too much…… myself.


But the allure of Brandon pulled me out of my cave. And Eden showed up around 2 and we got in the van and began driving. And we drove and drove and drove and drove and then HA! we were there. And I saw Brenda and Danny and Hot Wife and Sarah and Colleen and Brenton and Patricia and Angella and her friend whose name I can’t remember because I suck..


I met new people and talked to people I knew from before and sat right smack dab in the middle of a great big, squishy love fest. And MAN it felt good. POW!


There are too many things to write about it and since I’ve been thinking about it for 2 days and been frozen and unable to write because THERE WAS JUST TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF, I’ve decided to let the photos sing for themselves.


Here is a geography lesson from Angella. Now I know where California is.


This one was taken just moments after Brandon expressed milk for his buttery nipple. You can see his shirt is still unbuttoned.


And finally, this one, which is my favorite from the night.


You can see the whole slideshow here. Also – real TequilaCon? Find out about it here.

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  1. Whoa. There was a WHOLE lot more dranks after us old folk high-tailed it out of there. And by “old folk” I mean me, dragging poor party-hearty Brenton home against his will.

    Great fun, though, even without getting sandblasted like the rest of youse. Thanks, Leah! Thanks, Brandon! Thanks, Brandon’s nipple! (Uh…I think…)

  2. Where the HELL was I?

    That mixed feeling of “be happy for them! they had great fun!” and “oh shit! i wasn’t there!” is hitting me right now and only a big old hug from you will cure it. Come over?

  3. one year should be almost enough to recover from one of the most awesome nights in the history of the blogosphere.

    muldoon’s (or reasonable irish pub facsimile thereof) 2010 is going to be epic.

    and in all seriousness, i could not have been happier or more blown away. everyone was a rock star. thanks, leah

  4. @SAJ – it is your best disguise.

    @the communicatrix – I’m so glad you came and that I got to meet Brenton. We did have a little bit more to drink after you left. One or two?

    @Mocha – Please come in May! I will send you an invite when I get one together.

    @Whoorl – Yes. I do believe we were solving the world’s problems in the bathroom. The world can thanks us starting now.

    @brandon – Want to come back in May?

  5. 1. Lisa is her name, and I only met her moments before arriving; she’s Whoorl’s BFF.
    2. I am VERY thankful that my husband does not read blogs or I might have some ‘splaining to do about that photo of the four of us above (I, however, LOVE IT as you know)
    3. I am thinking I should give up accounting and writing and become a map maker, no?
    4. How did I not know you before this?
    5. Best. Blogger. Meet up. EVER. Desperate Bloggers 2.0 (Or whatever we call it) has a pretty high bar to try to meet.

    I’ll stop listing. Thanks for the whole night; I’m still basking in the afterglow.

  6. Yeah, bitchez, nobody invited ME. Even though I live RIGHT HERE. Thanks a bunch. It’s something I said, isn’t it? Nobody likes me, is that it? Do I smell bad? Come on, you can just tell me. IT WAS NOT ME THAT DID THAT THING IN YOUR BATHROOM. Ok, maybe just a little.

  7. this just goes to prove that being socially awkward doesn’t have to stop you from being the life of the party! or so i tell myself each time i am invited to a meetup. am so glad I went. had a blast meeting everyone. but i’m going to need at least a month to get over seeing Brandon with his buttery nipple.

    thanks, leah!

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