We’re cleaning up after dinner and I get a text from Sprint. The text says ‘Here is your new temporary password’ followed by a string of numbers. I shrug and show Joe. He logs in online using the temp password and creates a new real one. Our fear? That possibly someone is trying to hack our phone account. We’re both a little bit concerned because we just got a piece of odd mail from sprint the other week showing someone else’s name on our account.

This morning I get a second text from Sprint. This one says ‘Please use this validation number to complete your registration/add phone process.’ Now I’m really worried because it looks like someone is trying to add a new phone to our account.

I call Sprint and wait for literally over thirty minutes for a guy in the fraud department to answer the phone and say ‘Yello!’ which was kind of a shock since I’m used to them answering with their whole I’m so-and-so can I help you thing. I explain to him what has happened. He cuts me off to tell me that no, in fact those texts are from Sprint trying to get me to log in online and create a question and a password to cut down on fraud.

Why, Sprint? Why couldn’t you just let me know what you were doing? Why are you texting me with 140 characters that don’t explain the whole process and your intent and freak me out? How about a phone call? Using, oh I don’t know, a Sprint phone line?

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  1. Agreed. I get bogus text messages all the time, and I always ignore them. That would be creepy, though. I’ve been hacked before, and I’d go into an all out panic.

  2. Sprint is in bad shape. I dropped their plan about 6 months ago and I still get a paper bill every month. I guess they are very optimistic that I’ll just mail them a check just for the heck of it.

  3. Well besides the obvious- Sprint S.U.X. I had the same darn thing happen to us cause we are too stupid to leave them (but I alwys make hubby call cause they never answer the customer service line in less than 30 minutes). Everyone else in my family has flown the coop so I guess it’s just a matter of time. But hey, what do you expect from a company that has actually fired customers for complaining too much?!?!?!

  4. Sprint is the devil. They are our local phone company, and the service was so poor that we ended up ditching the landline and going with Suncom three years ago, and never looked back.

  5. I got spam on my phone the other day! I was shocked that I can’t get away from them anywhere! But it’s truly great to know that you are also on Sprint, if we ever become bestest friends I have free texting and Sprint-to-Sprint so you won’t be eating up any minutes. 😀 Oh, and I promise not to spam you, ever.

    PS – no I’m not a stalker just in a good and goofy mood today. :)~

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