Gardening with Mom and Dad

Here is a photo of the awesome Southern Utah dirt in my parent’s backyard.


I kept asking if I could bring some home but they just gave 3 huge boxes to my sister and her husband and you can only spare a few hundred pounds a year, yo. But, I better be next! I just want my tomatoes to taste as good as my Dads. Oh ho ho yum! I think it’s the iron in the soil. And, they sent me home with tons of delicious nutrients and treatments for our soil. No real complaints here. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Every spring, my parents plan out their garden, including the greenhouse, for optimal growth and beauty. It usually starts like this:


Here is Joe pouring over the plans for all the beds and deciding which set of seeds he wanted to plant. He chose the tomatillos.


Alex chose Brussel Sprouts among others.


Tony did the Snapdragons. I’ve always thought the planters were just the right height but maybe a tad too wide. I have a hard time reaching the center rows.


This is what my dad does to dandelions. If you are a dandelion – watch out!


My dad showed me how to work the pull-swing. It’s hanging from a walnut tree he planted only about 15 years ago.


In the front yard on the north side, my dad has a flower garden with some paving stones.


It’s covered with moss and a soft spotty blanket of purple hyacinth with tulips interspersed.


This ivy-covered stump was once my favorite cherry tree where I hid and read books all summer.


This apple pear* tree is only about 5 years old but it bears some nice fruit. *thanks, mom!


There is no place like home.


A complete photo set here.