Internet, I Turn to You

The business is going really well. In fact, so well, we could use help. Isn’t there someone(s) out there that wants to do programming for us and is worth their weight in bits?

Here is the ad we are running:, a web development company, is hiring 2 programmers with at least 30 hours a week to devote to our projects.
Must have recommendations.
Must be good with deadlines and communication.
Must: PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, HTML
Desired: Ruby on Rails, web development skills
Please include example links along with your role in developing them with your info.
Contact: Please email us at jobs AT crawberts DOT com

And I’d just like to add: please! don’t be a flake. Look – I really don’t care where you live. That is the beauty of the WWW. I can be here, you can be there, and we can work together fine using lots of fine internet tools that people have created just for people like us. I just want you to 1) know your stuff as well as you say you do, 2) have been around long enough to have done some work for other people that you (and they) are proud of, 3) know yourself well enough to tell me an accurate ballpark of when you will deliver good code to me, 4) let me know as soon as YOU know you won’t be delivering said code on time, 5) have a stellar work ethic and 6) feel like integrity is one of the most important things in life.

Here is what we offer:

Freedom to work from your house in your underwear or pajamas if you want.
Freedom to work from our house, but please at least wear pants. Or not. And next year, we’ll throw in an office location to pick from as well!
Totally flexible work schedule.
Unlimited growth. Seriously.
Unlimited job titles. Except for Co-Founder because that one is taken, twice.
No Causal Fridays with optional/mandatory bad Hawaiian shirts.
An opportunity to be a part of a great company.

I’ve never been prouder of anything I’ve been a part of than this company, with the exception of my kids, because who/what can top that? Nothing. So, seriously, email me. But don’t call me unless I ask you to. Because that shows you can follow direction well. And I like that in an employee.