Star Wars, Polygamists, Butterflies and Loh

Link dump:

Star Wars Insight from Defective Yeti
Darth playing the harmonica? My kinda guy.

Polygamists on Utah-Arizona Border Under Scrutiny
The FLDS Church, as it is known, has long dominated twin towns on the Utah-Arizona border and now has a new settlement outside a rural town in Texas. Part 2 includes a gem of a song named the Plural Girl Blues by local Texas insurance adjuster, John Cartwright. Lyrics include, ‘Anniversary today and I can’t remember who’s’.

Study Sheds Light on Butterfly Migration This year’s flock of Monarchs was massive.

Sandra Tsing Loh tells me what’s up with the local scene on 89.3, (SPCR) a local NPR station. Right now it’s all about the high cost of education, kindergarten aged education, around Los Angeles. She makes me snort while driving.

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