in my little world…..

So I got the column.

On Saturday, Joe and I went to a meeting and met the publisher and
editors of Writers Monthly. They were happy to see me but mostly I
think because I had brought with me my very own webgeekguru for
their use. David Boyne had lots of nice things to say about us,
including the following I received in an email the next day:

… The gods sent me a brilliant new columnist who has more talent
than she knows what to do with, and a kick-butt web geek who not
only speaks fluent English, but is charming, sincere, has a great
sense of humor and can communicate with mortals…..

Joe wasn’t even going to get involved in this project, but he has
somehow been added to the list of ‘people working on the
magazine’. I’m glad. I look forward to working on a project with him.
And he’s getting into it, too.

I also got wind of another column/journalist position that pays real
money, thanx to Lilia of digitElle…….we’ll see how that transpires.

And I’d like to take a moment for station identification and thank our

My parents read to me and my siblings on Saturday and Sunday
nights when I was growing up. I don’t mean little kid books. I’m
talking about real literature like Little Women and
Little Menby Luisa May Alcott or books by C.S. Lewis,
The Secret Garden by Tasha Tudor,
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett to name a few…..
and my father had a never ending supply of wonderful poetry and prose
he would read us or recite to us from memory. The love of books, reading
and using words as expression was instilled in me very, very young. My
library card was one of my most prized possessions.
I read everything I could get my hands on. And asking what a word was
or meant was never laughed at or looked down on. We were encouraged
to understand what we were listening to or reading.
And THAT is what I want to thank my
parents for…..a vocabulary of more than the standard 50 words. I
love words. I use words. And I have many to pick from because I
heard them early on and consistently.

Back to our regularly scheduled program….

I had a great weekend. Really, really wonderful.
Did nothing much.
Nothing really exciting.
And in that, my friends, is the secret to a great, approximately 50
hour weekend.

I am continually blessed. It never stops. I’m so thankful.

quick recap for the kids:
things are good, i love you, i miss you, call me more, and read. read.