My new job starts tomorrow. Joe is going to look again for a place to live while I’m working. I wish we could buy a home right away but I guess renting a home close to the kids will have to work.
We went to the awefullest (yes, that’s a word) Wal-Mart that there ever was. I hate Wal-Mart to begin with. I think they treat their employees like crap and that they are winning the race to bring us to our knees surrounded by poorly made cheap crap, mostly imported, while self respecting people get put out of business 2 blocks away and that when they get to the finish line we’ll all be so sad that we live in a world where we helped the overlord take us to a hell made of generic inexpensive plastic items.
So, when we got a Wal-Mart gift card as a wedding present, we talked long and hard about the moral dilemma of going to an establishment we both despise or throwing away perfectly good money. We decided to spend the money but promised each other to feel morally superior to all the other people shopping in the store and feel sad and condescending to all the people who have to work there and keep a general distaste during the whole experience in the back of our mouths.
We bought a hotplate and some orange plastic dishes along with the cheapest, thinnest pot to boil eggs in that ever was made. I actually accidentally bent the side on the way to the checkout. It felt like thick tinfoil. Anyhoo, amid the crying, weeping and gnashing of teeth coming from the other patrons, (and who wouldn’t be gnashing their teeth?), Joe and I cut the list short and got out as fast as we could, kitchen wares in tow. And, I feel guilty even now thinking of how we supported the DemonStore punctuated with hundreds of little yellow smiley faces. But I boiled some eggs and I thought they were good. Does that make me a bad person?

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