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Collaborative Painting: Saudade to Pronoia, A Work of HeArt

From Saudade to Pronoia, A Work of HeArt: A Creative Work of Connection and Healing What have you endured during this pandemic that you’d like to release and let go of to make room for something new? What have you longed for, allowed your soul to crave, knowing you can’t have it yet but are …


Zoom Workshops

Workshops are listed by date. Coming Up! Relationship Check-In Workshop ~Foundations of a healthy relationship ~Figuring out the ways you’d like to show up ~What to look for in potential partners ~How regular check-ins can make your relationship closer, deeper, stronger, and healthier ~Compare different check-in templates with an intimate look at how my partner, …

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Essay – The Power of Wearing What You Want, Shondaland

My piece about embracing my gender is up on Shondaland: She grew up wearing girly clothes to fit in with her family. Years later, she cut off her hair and dressed in masculine clothes, embracing her true gender identity. “When I was little, I learned that pretending was a skill I should cultivate. I pretended …