Dear Leah,

Your interviews rock!

I love your interviews!

Are you still doing interviews?

Why aren’t you still doing interviews?

Will you interview me?

Why won’t you interview me?

I know someone that would be a great interviewee!

If you don’t interview me, I’m going to tell everyone you wet the bed.

Sincerely/Best Wishes/Warm Regards/Love/Later,

Your Readers

Dear Ones,

Thank you for your email! Thank you for liking the interviews! I’m sorry, I won’t interview you, even though you are AWESOME and INTERESTING!! This is not because I don’t like you or think you are pretty. Because I do. And I like your brooch.

It’s because I’m not doing the blogger interview series any longer. There may be a few straggler interviews that could possibly come in from last year, but at this point it seems highly unlikely. However, I would certainly post them if they did show up in my inbox because everyone that I asked and emailed questions to, I love and would love to include in the series.

I’m working (and when I say ‘working’ I mean the term very loosely) on the group painting and some video interviews. I’m also working on interviews and articles for print magazines like the ones I recently did for LAB and CRAFT. Also, Alphamom will be posting all the video interviews I did last year on their new website once it launches. Additionally, new projects get posted to my website homepage as they get launched.

Thank you for reading and liking the interviews! I hope you like the next stuff I do, too. If you are an interview-reading craziak, could I suggest two places you could go get your fix? Ransom Note Typography is starting a series and of course, Matthew from In The Air who interviews an awesome variety of people.


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  1. You have so much on your plate already, not sure how you pull it all off, quite frankly. You amaze me, Leah. Truly. Canceling one of your many projects makes sense. But they will be missed, they will.

  2. well, I *am* disappointed. 🙁 most of the blogs I am devoted to, I discovered via LeahPeah’s interviews. what a great archive you have put together. Thanks!

  3. Since you’re not doing interviews anymore, you must have lots of extra free time. So, I just tagged you with a meme. Rules and format are included in my recent blog post. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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