Hi Leah,

I’m half-way through your book right now – it’s a great read! Thank you for sharing your story.

I was just looking through your flickr photo albums – very fun to see pictures of you as a kid. I wonder, though, why you don’t have pictures of yourself as a teen? I’d be so curious what you looked like during 16 – 18, the part of the book I’m reading.

Kristen in Colorado

Dear Kristen,

Thank you! I did post some pictures of me as a teen on my blog but neglected to add them to the Flickr site. I have added them now and also a few more including me with some friends, my wedding invitation for my first marriage and one with my son, Devon when I’m 18.

Thanks for reading the book!


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  1. Thanks so much for posting those! I was having a hard time read the book and picturing Claire based on the clairinet picture – ha! A lot changes in 5 years!

    In the book, I’m reading about your honeymoon right now… driving through Death Valley with morning sickness and such. I have to say, your wedding and honeymoon were actually PAINFUL to read about. Ha! I just can’t believe how much went wrong. (Kind of like watching the movies “Meet the Parents” or “Meet the Fockers”… Painful in the way that you’re constantly cringing like “What could possibly go wrong next?!?”)

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