Hello, you weary traveler. You’ll know I’m talking to you if you are one of the hundreds of people that get pinged each and every day with this old entry, this old entry or any number of other old entries. I’ve contacted Bloglines a few times and the very most cooperative they have been is to tell me it’s not their issue (when it VERY CLEARLY IS). The very least was the time they ignored me. Oh, and the other time they ignored me, too. Frustrated much?

Basically, I would suggest not using Bloglines anymore. People that read my feeds via other means, as far as I know, have not had any issues. But for the 159 Bloglines users that have contacted me, and the many others of you out there that just try to ignore it every day, let me just say – I’m sorry and I wish there was something I could do about it.

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  1. It’s so funny that you posted this because I always sort of thought I had just subscribed to the wrong form of feed or something and that it was only me. 🙂

  2. On the contrary, I am a religious Bloglines user, and have had no problem with sticky feed items from you. I wish I knew (and could share) why I don’t have this problem. (The feed URL in my subscription reads “leahpeah.com/blog/feed/atom/”… Lame idea, perhaps, but has anyone tried unsubscribing and re-adding the feed?)

  3. Yes, I am loving on those socks, too. It used to just kill me when it was one about pregnancy, though. My heart leapt about the first 20 times I read it.

  4. I tried Sarah’s recommendation & it seems to be working. I unsubscribed & resubscribed to a different feed (the first of the two atom choices on the list).

    So far, the socks are staying put.

  5. I use Google now and I’m very happy with it. Very few hiccups.

    I love your masthead. 😀

  6. Currently for me it’s the “Photabulous” post. But oh, yes, I’ve seen those socks a couple dozen times as well. Yeah, it’s probably time to move on.

  7. btw, switching to a different feed worked for about a day. Now it’s stuck on Photabulous. Which, of course, is one of my all-time favorite posts but… it’s time to give Bloglines the heave-ho.

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