Last year at Blogher I did a number of video interviews for Alpha Mom TV. Prior to now, the one with Arianna Huffington was the only one available. But now that the new and improved Alpha Mom website has launched (complete with product ratings and baby names and Isabel’s own column!) they are being launched one per day until Blogher ’07 in Chicago.

The one released today is the adorable and smart Amy Storch from Amy talks about infertility, getting close to losing it with Noah one day and asks a question of you.

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  1. Yay! I’m going to watch it now. For the record: I now know of your cuteness FIRST HAND. What is this spell you’ve cast over me, dear Leah?

  2. Hey girl, i’m dying to see the interview with Amy. When I play it though, it’s you interviewing The author of confused, help:)

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