Sometimes, I am, in a word, Odd. I know this. For the most part I embrace it. But, it’s come to my attention that some of my favorite things are different than other people. In fact, it could be said that I have favorite things in some categories where others wouldn’t.

For example, ice. I like only a certain kind of ice – crushed but kind of soft so that the ice breaks apart easily between my teeth. I would rather have no ice than have the really hard, sharp crushed ice that, when chewed between my teeth, cuts my gums. And large cubes? No. I say no. None of that in my drink. But my really, really, really favorite part of crushed ice is when it comes out of my fridge door while I’m using the CRUSH feature and the tiny, tiny flecks get on the top along the rim of my glass and it reminds me of a snow cone or snow only better. When I finish filling my glass to 2/3rds full, I put it to my face, stick my tongue out and scoop those excruciatingly wonderful tiny flecks into my mouth. THAT is my favorite kind of ice.

I have a favorite spoon. Well, actually, spoonS. They are the only two of their kind and I have no idea where we got them. They don’t match anything and I don’t remember seeing them before we moved from San Diego a few years ago. They have a brushed silver finish, not too shiny, not too dull. The handle fits in my grasp in the most wonderful way. They have a perfect weight, not too heavy, not too light. The tip of the spoon is squared off but not harsh. The bowl of the large spoon is the perfect size for cereal and the bowl of the small spoon is perfect for ice cream. If you use one of these spoons and render it dirty for me to use next, I won’t say anything. You would probably never know they were my favorite. But, you might find that your pants are folded not as nice with the crease down the center next time. In this small way, I will be passive aggressive.

Speaking of ice cream, I don’t really like it. Except one kind – French Vanilla Bean made with all natural ingredients. And I only want one small scoop with an entire sliced banana on top and one squeeze of warmed hot fudge sauce on top. No whipped cream or nuts or cherry. And if you can get me one of those just the way I like it, I might make out with you for an hour. But, only if you are my husband. If you aren’t, I’ll just say a muffled thanks while I snarffle. And then I’ll make you a quilt or build you a house or something. But, I only want one of those once every couple of months or so.

Right up there next to the crushed ice is the smell of freshly rained-on concrete. Or bricks. I can’t really expound on those since they are as simple as what I wrote.

Links for today:
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>I got this little zine from Jen Lemen at Blogher. It’s inspirational and worth every cent.
>Do not click on this link if you value keeping your lunch in your stomach. But if you do click and have any idea who the demographic is for this product, I’d love to hear. (via)

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  1. I’m addicted to Sonic Ice for the very same reasons.

    I can eat ice cream until I’m blue in the face or exploding, BUT I prefer chocolate … always chocolate.

    There are two spoons in my drawer I completely avoid.

    And I have no idea why, but I clicked THE link and now am pondering who in their right mind?????

  2. OMG, I love that exact crushed ice, and was about to comment on the God-send that is SONIC ICE, but Heather beat me to the punch.

    Do you have Sonics in California?

  3. I have a favorite spoon, too. Or rather, the spoon I use for tea I won’t use for soup or ice cream. Does that make sense? They’re basically the same spoon, but with different handle patterns.

  4. oh man, i love ice too and only the kinds you like. my favo-RITE thing ever is to get the crushed ice out of the fridge and to pour lukewarm water on it. it makes it perfect for chewing.

  5. oh man, i love ice too and only the kinds you like. my favo-RITE thing ever is to get the crushed ice out of the fridge and to pour lukewarm water on it. it makes it perfect for chewing.

    p.s. to OMSH: i too love sonic’s ice! their cokes are my guilty pleasure 🙂

  6. @leah I believe those spoons are from a set my parents had in about 1983 when we got some (gasp!) income. Very solid, very nice spoons. I got them as hand-me-downs when I moved out in 1991, and they persist to this day.

    @chirky yes we do, but not within 60 miles of us. We’d have to go to Tehachapi or Bakersfield or Visalia.

  7. I thought of you last night. I went to get a glass of water and I realized; I don’t use ice anymore…cold water from the fridge…water fountain at snapple in a bottle. The only time I have ice is w/ iced tea at a resturant. I used to be an ice whore..oh how times change.

  8. Crushed snowy ice….nothing better. I used to work at a snowcone shack when I was 15. I’d never add flavors…just soft snowy ice.

  9. Rain on concrete, is probably my favourite all-time “scent”. I’ve probably never told anyone this since I thought it was just too odd. My father had a workshop in the unfinished part of our basement when I was growing up. The damp concrete mixed with the other work shop smells (paint and, I don’t know….sweat?…) is a memory that instantly comes to mind when I smell rain on concrete.

  10. I also love the rain on cement smell. I also like the smell of new(er) basements- they smell like concrete but also something that reminds me of my childhood.

  11. and chocolate ice cream, preferably chocolate with chocolate syrup and some oreos thrown in. mmmm i want to go to dairy queen now.

  12. the ice thing is so great. my kids are doing this DAILY–pure love for the automatic crushed ice dispenser. i have a spoon thing, too, but i lost mine. 🙁 and thanks for the zine love. i appreciate it! xo

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